Alabaster City Schools Rebrand

What we did:
Brand Identity
Knight Eady undertook the rebranding of the Alabaster City School marks to achieve a unified and modern look. We conducted a thorough assessment of the existing brand elements, collaborated closely with school stakeholders, and developed new logo marks that reflect the school system's values and aspirations. The new visual identity was designed to be versatile and scalable across various applications, aiming to enhance recognition and coherence.
The problem
Alabaster City Schools faced challenges with outdated logo marks and imagery that did not reflect the modern ethos of the district.

Each school had a different look and feel, causing a lack of cohesion across the district. Additionally, the color schemes varied, leading to inconsistency in branding and a fragmented visual identity. These discrepancies made it difficult for the schools to present a united front and leverage the full potential of their branding. The district needed a comprehensive rebranding strategy to update their logos and standardize their visual elements, ensuring a consistent and contemporary appearance across all schools.

The Game Plan
Understanding the need for a cohesive visual identity, Knight Eady embarked on a comprehensive rebranding project for Alabaster City Schools.

Our team began by conducting in-depth research and consultations with stakeholders from each school to understand their unique identities and aspirations. We aimed to create logos that were not only modern and visually appealing but also reflective of each school's character. For Creek View Elementary, Meadow View Elementary, Thompson Intermediate, and Thompson Middle School, we developed new logos that incorporated unique design elements for each school while at the same time creating cohesion across the school system. We also standardized the color palette across the district, ensuring all visual materials, from uniforms to letterheads, adhered to a consistent branding guide.

The Result
A Unified Look for Alabaster City Schools

The rebranding project resulted in new, cohesive logos that unified Alabaster City Schools' visual identity, providing consistency and a modern look across the district, leaving the client highly satisfied.

Photo courtesy of Shelby County Reporter/Noah Wortham

"The feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly supportive. It gets us all on a brand... It tells the story (that) every school is important.”
Jason Gaston
Coordinator of public relations, alabaster city schools
"A brand is so important for any organization, especially a school system. It defines who you are. It identifies you to your audiences."
Jason Gaston
Coordinator of public relations, alabaster city schools