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The next big playmaker

Noah Basketball advances the game of basketball using state-of-the-art, shot-tracking technology by measuring the arc, depth and left-right position of a basketball shot. The system also knows the location of each shot taken, and if the shot was made or missed. Noah’s feedback allows players to correct their shot in real-time, building the muscle memory needed for a perfect shot. With over 250 million shots tracked from high school, college, and the NBA, customers use Noah to make more shots and win more games.

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Pre-game evaluation

In 2017, Noah recognized that in order to break through the noise of a crowded space and grow their brand they needed to earn consistent, national media coverage. However, given the rules and regulations of athletes’ image and likeness at the NCAA level as well as contractual agreements at the NBA level, the Noah team needed a strategic PR partner they could trust and one who could think outside the box.

The challenge? To increase the media coverage and pickup of Noah Basketball’s technology without relying on the hook of high-profile players and the likeness of the majority of the well-known teams who use the technology.

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Marketing a product without using clients

How do you market a product when you can’t specifically speak about the high-profile customers? You establish relationships, craft unique stories and focus on consistent and timely pitch opportunities.

In partnership with the Noah team, Knight Eady crafted story ideas on the evolution of the technology and how Noah is the first basketball shot-tracking technology to improve the experience in every aspect of the game – performance, operations, recruiting, broadcasting and fan experience.

Our team crafted pitches positioned around recent media pickup, timely updates and developments in Noah Basketball’s partnerships and customer relations. Taking the time to craft personal, specific pitches allowed our team to form deeper and more intentional relationships with the writers and publications we need to reach. Personal pitches and consistent conversations built trust with writers and publications, allowing our  team to create pipelines of go-to writers and publications for announcements

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Make more shots. Win more pickup.

Knight Eady’s efforts paid off in other ways for Noah Basketball. The technology received a nomination for the 2019 SportTechie Awards and are the only shot-tracking technology selected as a nominee for the 2019 Sports Business Journal award in the sports technology category.

Knight Eady continues to tell these stories of Noah Basketball while also supporting the brand with additional services such as social media content and management, blog content creation and management, and creative fulfillment.

Total Mentions
160% Growth
Total Reach
768% Growth
Total AVE
289% Growth
*numbers reflected from 2017-2019
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