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Rooted in Birmingham for over 75 years

Hibbett | City Gear is a company that has been rooted in the Birmingham community for over 75 years, yet those who live and work within the city are still unable to name Hibbett | City Gear as a local brand. Despite efforts to show that the company is Birmingham-headquartered and actively hiring at the Store Support Center and Distribution Center, Birmingham natives still relay the “We’re Hiring” messages to in-store, entry-level positions.

image of city gear staffimage of hibbett staff
Utilizing custom research to break old stigmas

Additionally, of those indicating interest to work for Hibbett | City Gear, the largest group were current students, followed by upper and mid-management level professionals.

Along with these Hibbett | City Gear-focused questions, the survey also captured valuable insights regarding their entertainment preferences, employment motivations and advertising recall. Music, television, and books were the highest ranking entertainment options. Expected compensation, work/life balance, and location scored the highest in employment motivations. Additionally, visiting a store, a commercial on television, and an advertisement on social media were listed as the most-likely places a respondent would remember a brand’s message.

image of city gear staffimage of hibbett staff
image of hibbett staffimage of ke staff during TTB production
With this campaign, we aim to tell the Birmingham community that Hibbett | City Gear is rooted within the heart of this city, the culture and the people.
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digital creative from the TTB campaign
digital creative from the TTB campaigndigital creative from the TTB campaign
digital creative from the TTB campaign
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