Backing the Pac One Last Time

March 27, 2024
Together, Knight Eady and the Pac-12 have created memories for student-athletes, coaches, and fans alike.

Since 2018, Knight Eady has been a steadfast supporter of the Pac-12 Women’s Gymnastics Conference Championships, infusing our passion for gymnastics and unparalleled expertise in event management into each year's event. From the crucial task of selecting an ideal venue to orchestrating the final moments with confetti cascading down, Knight Eady's dedication has been pivotal in ensuring the success of this event, year after year.

In 2018, Knight Eady was entrusted with the mission of aiding the Pac-12 in determining the perfect host city and venue for their Women’s Gymnastics Conference Championships. After careful evaluation of various cities and venues, Salt Lake City and the Maverik Center emerged as the clear choice to host the conference championships, setting the stage for memorable gymnastic showdowns.

From the inaugural routines in 2019 to the grand finale in 2024, the collaboration between Knight Eady and the Pac-12 has been nothing short of exemplary. Seamlessly intertwining gymnastics expertise with top-tier event management, the Knight Eady team has worked to ensure each championship surpasses expectations. Knight Eady and the Pac-12 consistently deliver premier events by overseeing every aspect, from volunteer recruitment to coordinating with judges, managing venues, and enhancing the experience for teams. Year after year, we crown conference champions, showcasing the team’s dedication and excellence in event management.

As the curtain falls on our tenure in Salt Lake City, we reflect fondly on the moments shared with the Pac-12 team and take pride in our collective journey of backing the Pac and elevating women's gymnastics to new heights.