Knight Eady is One of Birmingham's Best Places to Work

May 12, 2023
Did you know we were recently honored as the second-best, micro-sized company to work at in Birmingham!?

While we would have loved to get that number one spot (if you’re not first, you’re last… just kidding…), we are still so proud to be named alongside some of the best companies in Birmingham and have the BBJ highlight our workplace culture.

Check out our featured BBJ interview to hear from our Culture Director, Summer Hall, about all that goes into making Knight Eady one of the best places to work!

What makes your company a Best Places to Work?

Culture is such a buzzword these days. Whether it’s donuts on a Friday or a company happy hour, everybody claims to have it, but Knight Eady takes it one step further. At Knight Eady, our people come first. We strive to create a comfortable and safe environment where our employees can feel at home and be their true selves. By providing great benefits, perks and fun experiences, our employees create their best work.

What is your company doing to attract or retain young professionals?

We have a spring, summer and fall internship program for each of our three departments. The internship program gives interns the opportunity to see firsthand what it’s like to plan, market and execute an event, along with other strategy and creative projects. We also have volunteer roles available for every event we manage. Volunteers are able to work alongside our team to gain real-world experience.  

What’s the vibe in your office?

Energetic. We have a fast-paced, loud and sometimes chaotic office. At any given time there could be a client meeting on one side of the office, an intense match of ping pong on the other and people getting work done in the middle.

Are you fully in office, hybrid, WFH or a combination?

We are fully in office. Employees are able to work from home when needed without having to ask, but everyone prefers to come to the office.

What sort of advancement opportunities do you offer?

Because we are a small company, we give our employees opportunities to take ownership of tasks and grow in them as they choose. If employees grow, we compensate them fairly.

How does your CEO interact with the staff?

Whole-heartedly. You definitely won’t get your typical CEO-employee interactions from Michael (Eady). He always says his love language is talking smack, so you can often find him doing just that around the office and five minutes later asking how your dog’s vet appointment went. All that to say, Michael really cares about us and it shows in his everyday interactions. His door is never closed (unless we close it because he’s annoying us).

If you’re interested in joining the Knight Eady team, check out our careers page.