Scoring Big for 2027 & 2028 with NCAA Championship Bids

February 13, 2024
Stepping onto the court of collegiate sports, there’s no greater thrill than the opportunity to host an NCAA Championship event.

It’s standing at the free-throw line with the game on the line – heart pounding, adrenaline pumping and the taste of victory within reach.

It all started in August of 2023. The Knight Eady team joined CVBs and host institutions from across the country at the NCAA Bid symposium in Indianapolis. Our team attended break out sessions to hear details, recommendations and suggestions from the NCAA staff. We listened to budget parameters, expectations around bids, and had the opportunity to meet and talk to NCAA Championship Managers.

Knight Eady returned to Birmingham and got to work. As we logged into the NCAA Championship portal, we felt a familiar passion we know and love – exhilarating, yet slightly nerve-wracking. But like any seasoned player, we took a moment to size up the competition, familiarize ourselves with the playbook, and strategize our next move. With championship aspirations in mind, Knight Eady collaborated closely with our clients to develop comprehensive bid packages and budgets. Our approach emphasized highlighting the institution's strengths, including venue facilities, accommodations, transportation accessibility, community support, and financial planning. By showcasing these key elements effectively, we aimed to differentiate our bids and stand out as formidable hosts.

February 7: the day the clock hit zero. Knight Eady was honored to partner with five groups to put together 25 submissions for 33 championships across several states. From Men’s and Women’s Basketball, to Gymnastics and DI, DII, DIII Indoor Track & Field, to DII Volleyball, plus DII Swimming & Diving, our team is in it to win it with our partners in the industry.

Submitting bids to the NCAA Championship portal isn’t just about following the rules – it’s about playing the game with passion, creativity, and a dash of flair. With the right strategy and a bit of ingenuity, Knight Eady hopes to score big and secure the W(s) come October.