Brand Identity

Create a strategic visual and messaging identity that connects to your core audiences and truly embodies the strongest characteristics of your company.

Does your brand convey a unified message and mission?

Brands must regularly review their values and imagery to ensure they accurately represent the organization, resonate with intended audiences, and are consistently implemented across all levels and mediums. The strength of a school brand is directly tied to the strength of its relationship with each audience.

Knight Eady’s strategic branding process yields a visual direction that is sustainable for years to come.

Brand Discovery: Conduct exploratory research to understand the critical brand assets and characteristics.
Visual Identity: Build a comprehensive branding suite including the primary and secondary logos, typography, and colors.
Core Messaging: Develop a clear and cohesive articulation of the brand linked with the newly created visual identity to create consistency for internal and external communication.
Comprehensive Style Guide: Create a full style guide including all of the marks, typography, colors and usage guidelines.
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Elevating The Net Return

The Net Return, the industry-leader in golf and multisport nets, has achieved success over the past 15 years due to its high-quality products and stellar customer service. However, its brand and marketing efforts have not kept pace with its product excellence. The Net Return established a comprehensive agency partnership with Knight Eady to elevate their brand and marketing across the board.

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